The average Tax Club member is met with a plethora of career options with little or no practical knowledge on the length and breadth of actual work experience in such a sector. The seemingly up-to-date ones still desire an avenue to weigh their options especially on what area of tax to focus on.
Thus, THE EXPERIENCE has been tagged the ALTER-EGO OF THE CUSTOMARY CAREER FAIR. The DIFFERENCE being the reversal of the habitual logistics i.e. instead of inviting resource persons to address an audience on a topical career, why not approach these professionals in THEIR NATURAL WORK SPACE thus creating an EXPERIENTIAL and more PRACTICAL CAREER EXPOSITION.

Thus, the tax experience held through the month of March 2017.  Participants were allotted  into groups to visit prestigious tax based organisations to get first hand experience.
The aim was to enable learning first hand from Top Tax professionals and to allow for a clearer perspective on a career choice such as tax will undoubtedly lead the participants onto making an informed profession decision.

The Tax Experience was a one-day affair, with the whole program scheduled to elapse within two (2) hours.
Companies such as the FIRS, Deloitte, and the LIRS were visited; participants had an insightful experience and also left with some souvenirs and light refreshments.


Pictures from the tax experience 1.0

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