There is  never a time to late to learn Tax.

The Club defied natural order and  brought back summer in the last month of the year when it organized its very own Tax Summer School in December 2016 with a view to improve upon the foundational learning about taxation.

The school held from SUNDAY 11TH – 17TH OF DECEMBER 2016.

A total of five (5) universities were reached out too and in attendance were representatives from (4) universities within the country. The universities in attendance included the;
University of Ibadan
University of Lagos
University of Abuja &
Obafemi Awolowo University.

Day 1. Sunday 11th December 2016.
This was the day the delegates from their various institutions arrived at the faculty of law, University of Lagos. The representatives from the schools were very encouraged to network with each other. After the dinner, there was a brief meeting presided over by the president, Aladeloye Ayobami. This was to ensure that they were kept abreast of the activities for the next one week.

Day 2. Monday 12th December 2016.
This marked the second day into the program and in attendance to give the opening remark was the Dean of Student Affairs, Professor Ademola Adeleke, Professor Joseph Abugu, Head of Department, Commercial and Industrial law (CIL), Faculty of Law and Professor Abiola Sanni, Staff adviser, The Tax Club, University of Lagos. The President of the tax club, Mr Aladeloye Ayobami gave the welcome address charging all delegates to make an optimum use of the opportunities being offered by the Club. The Dean of Student Affairs, Professor Ademola Adeleke, and Professor Joseph Abugu, Head of Department, Commercial and Industrial law (CIL), Faculty of Law, were decorated with the emblem of the Tax Club for their support in making the summer school an actualization.
The first lecture for the day begun with Professor Abiola Sanni opening the floor, he gave a lecture on the topic “Acquisition of the Skill of Finding & Applying the Tax Laws”
A break was observed after the lecture for the preparation of the next lecture.
Shortly after the break, Mr Taiwo Oyedele, Head of Tax and Corporate Advisory Services, PwC arrived to take the second topic of the day on the theme “Nigerian Tax Policy –Past Present & Future”. His approach towards at handling the topic was no doubt a brilliant one that got a great number of the delegates captivated. His style of professing was indeed unique. At the end of his lecture, he rolled out several policy scenario in which the delegates were to use for their presentation towards the conclusion of the programme.
At the end of the lecture, every delegate was divided into various groups of alpha, beta, gamma and omega which was to form the basis of their discussion on the policy scenario rolled out.

Day 3. Tuesday 13th December 2016
After the breakfast was served to all delegates, Day 3 began with the topic bothering on the fundamentals & contentious issues in company’s income tax in Nigeria and also the fundamentals of & contentious issues petroleum profits tax in Nigeria and this was handled by Mr Olorunfemi from PwC.
After the lectures of the day, the various groups were instructed to go back to their group meetings to discuss the issues to be presented. The academic and research committee supervised the various groups during their breakout sessions. We also provided them with research sources and materials to aid their research.
Day 4. Wednesday 14th December 2016
The first lecture of the day was given by Dr Seun Avoseh from PwC on transfer pricing. The lecture was exhilarating being a field of taxation that is not fully explored in Nigeria and then facilitated by the first PHD holder on transfer pricing in Nigeria.
Furthermore, there was a Lecture by Mr Zion Athora from Ernest& Young.
Break out session for the delegates.
Day 5. Thursday 15th December 2016
The first lecture of the day was given by Bukola Sanni from PwC on Taxation of Individuals working offshore Nigeria’s territorial waters. Questions regard expatriates who work offshore and how their taxes are paid were resolved.
The second lecture of the day was given by Professor Ige Bolodeku on the topic of combating corruption through tax administration. He gave insights into how the Federal Inland revenue service can help the government fight corruption through taxation. This lecture was a whole new angle to the uses of taxation diverting from the conventional practice of taxation as a means of revenue generation or taxation as an instrument of social control.
Day 6. Friday 16th December 2016
There was a lecture, then the presentation given by the groups on the questions presented by Mr Taiwo Oyedele at his first lecture.
The presentation was between the four groups divided in Alpha, Beta, Gama, Omega, at the end of it all, beta group emerged winners with a total of 71 points with group Alpha coming second with 70 points.. The judges of the day were Mrs Ilobinso, a lecturer from the faculty of law and Mrs Ayodele Kadiri overall best graduating student of The Nigerian Law School 2016.
The delegates were awarded certificates of excellence and participation after which they proceeded for the cocktail party.
Day 7. Saturday 17th December 2016
There was a brief meeting amongst the organizers and the delegates from their respective schools as regards the summer school. The meeting also marked the ending of the Summer school before everyone departed.
It was a rewarding experience which placed the students above their peers.


Pictures from the Tax Summer School

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