The core drive of the Tax Club from the inception is the creation of tax awareness amongst Nigerian youths as well as others due to the disinterest in this area bearing in mind Taxation is a major mainstay to the Nigerian economy.

The Tax Walk emerged as a result of the need to build the Tax Culture amongst the average Nigerian, students and of great importance, ensuring that the informal sector get into the Tax net. Thus, the reason Bariga was earmarked in 2015 and Tejuosho, as just concluded in 2017.

The 2017 Tax Walk was organized in Conjunction with the Federal Inland Revenue Service and the Lagos Inland Revenue Service. It began with a walk from the University of Lagos by 11;00am . The students and the officials from the FIRS moved through the university road down to Jibowu axis, speaking to people along the way and sharing useful materials which was provided by the FIRS.

There was an Invasion into Tejuosho Market which piqued the interest of every market person present. The students and the officials immediately spread out to discuss the importance of Taxation, what taxes are payable and how taxes can be paid to both receptive and unreceptive people.

Materials for the walk provided by the staff and coordinators of the FIRS were distributed to the willing members of the public who readily accepted them. Contained in these materials were taxes of different categories of Taxes for people, ( Value added Tax, Personal Income Tax, Withholding Tax amongst others.)the appropriate authorities these taxes should be paid to as well as how they can be paid( ie obtaining a Tax Identification Number ;TIN).

Souvenirs such as calendars were provided by the FIRS and were shared to the people of Tejuosho Market. This spurred their attention and excitement.

There were suggestions by some of the market people and store keepers that the government officials whom taxes are remitted should have mini outlets around the market to enable easy payment of Taxes.

The Tax walk was a Cardio, educational as well as an exciting yet effective way of Tax Sensitization and was truly enjoyed by all.
Students all got into the buses provided by the FIRS while refreshment was provided by the Tax Club, university of Lagos.

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